Cocktail with Patrón Silver 100% Agave and Lime & Orange Infusion

Travelers are crazy for new sensations at new destinations. And with MiniBarBox they’re being offered a memorable new experience! The luxurious MiniBarBox range enables travelers to mix their own premium cocktail. Finished off with special ingredients and a carefully paired, delicious snack.

Perfect serve

Make the perfect Margarita, using Patrón tequila and our carefully composed infusion, The Secret Ingredient. Add hand-picked botanicals to flavour and colour the cocktail to your personal liking. To create the full sensational taste experience, enjoy the sweet & savoury snack Smokey Twist while slowly sipping from your Margarita.

Create a sensational taste combination by accompanying your Margarita with the sweet and savoury Smokey Twist.


When all flavours and textures harmonise so perfectly you experience a small piece of art. MiniBarBox loves to imagine these divine treats… so that you can take a moment to reconnect with yourself.


PatrÓn tequila

This ultra-premium tequila from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave is hand-made in small batches and has a silky smooth taste, with a peppery finish.

smokey twist

A premium mix of smoked, salty almonds and dried yellow-ochre raisins.

Pipa orange & lime

Orange peal and lime, to make sure you will feel the suave Mexican vibe.

Infusion Lime & Orange

The Secret Ingredient: An exhilarating infusion, especially composed by MiniBarBox to shake the perfect Margarita.