Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic

The ultimate expression of the classic Gin & Tonic

With its complex, subtle notes and uplifting characteristics, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin adds a new dimension to this timeless classic, resulting in a bright, refreshing and aromatic drink that you can enjoy at any time of the year.

Based on a secret recipe from 1761, the taste of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin is created by perfectly balancing a unique combination of the finest hand-selected botanicals from around the world. The 10 botanicals are placed in a perforated copper basket and, during a process called Vapour Infusion, spirit vapour passes up through the basket delicately infusing the aromatic flavours of the botanicals, unlocking their truest flavour. The result is a gin with a bright, fresh taste perfect for experimentation.




Make your own Bombay Sapphire Gin&Tonic